San Francisco

Day 1: San Francisco
Castro Street & China Town

People of all colors, orientations, and religions living together. My wife and I were able to walk in the footsteps of the great and sometimes forgotten revolutionary Harvey Milk. His courage and passion not matched by any figure past or present.

After exploring Castro Street we found ourselves surrounded by early 1900’s Chinese architecture. China Town had a very laid back and old school feeling to it. This is the first of several blog entries to be posted.

Day 2: Berkeley

Today my wife and I visited Berkeley. Our primary goal was to visit the University of Berkeley’s campus.

Day 3: China Beach & [The] Golden Gate Bridge

Today was a relaxing day. The first stop on our agenda was China Beach. A relatively lesser known location and a bit out of our way. After visiting China Beach we headed towards The Golden Gate Bridge. To be honest it wasn’t anything special. A bridge is a bridge (at least to me). Our last stop was an awesome Mongolian Cafe in Oakland.

Day 4: San Francisco Zoo

I loved the spaciousness of the San Francisco Zoo. Every exhibit was large and it took several minutes to walk from one animal enclosure to the next.

Every animal confinement included toys, drinking well, sleeping area, etc.

Overall, I feel like the San Francisco Zoo is better maintained compared to the Minnesota Zoo as well as the animals are treated with greater care in San Francisco.

Day 5: Treasure Island

Last day before leaving California. We had lunch at Aracely Cafe. Splendid location along with great food. Now, it is time to sit down and apply to Berkeley’s Ethnic Studies PhD program.