Mentally In Pain

When you are in over your head, EVERYTHING becomes too much, Even the little things, Can't hold sharp objects, Fearing self-harm, Afraid of crossing the street, Might intentionally take the wrong step, Turning on the shower-head, Cleanliness becomes a 2 hour ordeal, Hot water washing over mental wounds, Crying tears, Dreaming of a successful suicide, … Continue reading Mentally In Pain



If you were with anyone else, I’d be a jealous, I’m just being honest, You've stayed with me through the highs and lows, I am annoying, hard-headed, stubborn, Act like a jerk when annoyed, Yet, you’ve stuck around, Continued loving me, I couldn’t ask for anyone better, Which is why I would be jealous, If … Continue reading Jealousy

Lean On Me

Don't let this world trap you inside of a box, It is a wild ride with many twists and turns, Sometimes it catches you off-guard causing rainfall, If you need a shoulder I got two of them, We don't need to share names or biographical details, My only intention will be to listen without interrupting, … Continue reading Lean On Me