Broken Dreams

I’m hard to love,
It isn’t a secret,
Everyone knows,
I’m a broken clock,
That can’t be fixed,
Nor manually adjusted,
Hands of time have spoken,
‘He’s a dead man walking’,

Carefully watching every shadow,
Angry outbursts when they appear stagnant,
Easier said then done,
To listen to your head,
Rather than your heart,
Can’t imagine us apart,
Even though we argue,
Accuse one another of stupidity,

We can’t forget one another,
We have become one,
Even though I am an ass sometimes,
You reply back, ‘I love you’,

How about when I tell you to wait,
Due to all the voices speaking at one time,
Will you tell me I am lying,
Or would you believe me if I told you,
It was only a hallucination,


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