Dear Mom & Dad

I’m not alright, I don’t feel alive,
Can’t relax because all I hear are lies,
Been told everything will be fine,
In a little bit of time,
All will be fine so stop whining,

How can you be so sure,
Last time I was institutionalized,
You didn’t even visit,
Where was the love?
Now you are willing to help,
Gotta’ find a job,
Act like an adult,
Behave sanely,
Call it travesty,
A little bit of irony,

27 years old,
College graduate,
Supposed to be employed,
Good credit,
1 dog, maybe 2 cats,
Live an ordinary life,

Can’t you see,
It isn’t possible,
I need your help,
Give me time,
Let me reside under your roof,
One last time,
I’ll do anything,
In-patient hospitalization,
I’ll go willingly,
I’m not asking for money,
Just a little bit of love,


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