Mistrust Love

I don't trust myself, Nor the knife inches away from my wrist, Been told in order to be loved, You have to love, In order to receive trust, You have to learn to trust, Yet, I can't stop myself, Keep asking why do you lie, I've trusted and been burned, Loved and been left behind, … Continue reading Mistrust Love


Idolizing Suicide

It is unhealthy, To idolize suicide, But I can't get it out of my mind, Everyday is another day, To imagine my last moments, How? Why? Where? When? Should I jump in front of a moving car, Leap off the 22nd floor of my apartment, It is wrong, To think this way, But I can't … Continue reading Idolizing Suicide

Mentally In Pain

When you are in over your head, EVERYTHING becomes too much, Even the little things, Can't hold sharp objects, Fearing self-harm, Afraid of crossing the street, Might intentionally take the wrong step, Turning on the shower-head, Cleanliness becomes a 2 hour ordeal, Hot water washing over mental wounds, Crying tears, Dreaming of a successful suicide, … Continue reading Mentally In Pain