Marriage Is A Battlefield

Sometimes we fight,
From the view of witnesses,
World War 3,
Two army snipers,
Trying to take each other out,

Both of our shots miss,
Wide right,
Smoke grenades tossed,
Flanking one another,
Only to remember,

All the reasons,
Why we married one another,
Putting our weapons down,
Surviving another day,

Some might disagree,
Even state,
They don’t argue,
Or ever fight,
In front of the kids,

A bunch of lies,
Marriage is the opposite of peace,
Controlled chaos,
Two human beings,
Who love each other to death,

Which is why,
In every wedding,
You hear till death do us part,
For those who want an easy way out,
They seek divorce,

Me on the hand,
I am going to die loving my woman,
No matter what she does,
Or accuses me of,
You can bet your ass I’m never leaving,

Both a husband and wife,
Whether gay or straight,
No one is perfect,
Including myself,

Can’t hold onto a grudge,
Everybody messes up,
Which is why every night,
I remember,
To kiss her goodnight,


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