Love Life of a Poet

Even for a poet,
it is hard to describe
the love life of a poet,
for example
can you imagine Chuck Norris
riding a unicorn,
if so maybe this poem is for you,

in all seriousness
it shouldn’t be called a ‘love life’
rather ‘a life loved’
in short
the love life of a poet
is determined by whether
his or her life was loved

it sounds abstract
but just think about it,
Hemingway loved Cuba
but the bottle a little bit more
one of the reasons
why he wrote so profoundly

Emily struggled with demons
she wrote tragedies from the shadows
in a creepy sort of way
it was life appreciating chaos,
molding one of the greatest
women poets of all eternity

Hughes loved the same sex
enjoyed life
tenderlove crept within his work
most academics believe he was gay
but a life loved blessed him
with a beautiful spirit

do you notice the trend
a love life has nothing to do
with a life loved
i could fuck everyday
but that doesn’t mean
my life is loved

instead I gotta paint pictures
out of candle wax,
rehearse nightly
within nightmares
so that my own shadow
doesn’t scare me

darkness is not a pre-curser
for evil
in truth
it captures creativity
by the tail

asks for permission
before squandering money
at casinos
due to a gambling addiction
creativity seeks
inspiration from insanity


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