Pum Pum Worship

She deserves it
She asks for it,
She seeks it,
She prays for it,
She desires it,
She pleads for it,
She expects it,
She wishes for it,
She believes it,
She dreams for it,

I’m willing to give in,
bow at her feet,
kiss them,
suck her toes,
lick them,
kiss her heels,
suck until she says stop,

doesn’t matter what she asks
whatever she says is a command
similar to Moses and his commandments
she looks at you a certain way
as to tell you to slow down
you slowly make your way up her legs
kissing softly
gliding your lips across sensitive skin
reaching her gold bikini
underneath a white tight skin dress

her fingers prance along her pum pum
requesting you to kiss once again
using your tongue to caress
grinding her pum pum up and down your face
teasing you with wet lips
lucky for you she decides to take off the gold
turning around showing you her ass
hopefully you are hungry because it is time
to eat from VIOLET DOLL’S grocery store

after 20 minutes she decides it is enough,
pushing you onto the floor,
ripping her Gucci shirt in half,
titties meeting gravity,
can’t breathe,
trying to kill you,
guilty pleasure,
every second you struggle,
pum pum squirts juice,

handcuffs you to the bed
uses ducktape for your feet
puts on a black lingerie set
could of swore you saw horns
made a pact with the devil
maybe a succubus
either way you are screwed

demanding for you to say her name
quietly speaking
a slight vibration from your throat
it isn’t loud enough
kicks in the balls
demands for you to say her name louder
so you do
it isn’t enough
places you in spiked chastity

you thought it was over,
but it just begun,
she starts to lick,
spitting on your cock,
feel spikes digging deeper,
and deeper,
she repeats,
say my name,
good slave she replies,
but i am not taking it off,

30 minutes go by
your cock throbbing
she finally takes off the spiked chastity
but keeps you handcuffed
she explains
you are going to be my slave
you should of stayed in that bar
instead of taking off your ring
thinking you could trick me,

(evil laugh)…


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