What Is A Civil Union

Part 1

marriage is like a lemonade stand,
imagine a young child,
barely four years,
controlling the body,
of an adult,
mistakes will come,
an endless amount,
due to the child’s desire,
to draw on every wall,
most see it as destruction,
but to the child’s eye,
It is art,

Part 2

we all wish for happy endings,
but a civil union is not going to be perfect,
it comes with emotional drownage,
sometimes feeling as though you are drowning,
every word he or she spits when angry,
an open heart surgery without anesthesia,
it hurts,
painful beyond belief,
but you remind yourself,
it was out of anger,

Part 3

you wish to make-up,
say your apologies,
you didn’t mean a single word,
it is hard,
because it shows you are vulnerable,
and made a mistake,
but we do it anyways,
even though we don’t want to,


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