By the End of the Day

Last night we played an episode of House,
Asked if I was ready for an examination,
Cold to the touch but warmed right up,
Thought it was the end of the world,
Woke up in the arms of an Angel,
Only to find you are the most beautiful,
One of a kind type of woman,

Asked me if I was hungry
Reminded me I was at a Bed & Breakfast,
Paid for a room with no roof,
Observed the stars,
Believe me,
Ask why I live a lie,
Only knowledge I came away with,
Was that dinner tasted spectacular,
Like a cheesy Spanish omelette,

After all the fighting,
Learned it was just a facade,
Don’t all marriages include,
Rounds of bare knuckle words,
Most importantly,
Everyday ends with us coming together,


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