What You Give Is What You Get

What you see is what you get,
A stubborn fool,
With PTSD,
Borderline Personality Disorder,
And Schizophrenia,

Don’t take it lightly,
Even though I am fucked up,
That doesn’t mean I can’t show you love,
Most say; what you give is what you get,
Instead I believe; what you are is what you get,

I’m a feminist; not a narcissist,
Insane, not a sociopath,
7 different voices heard at one time,
Kat and Dog; the rest are horror characters,
Freddy, Michael, Jason, Chucky, and IT,

All I ask for you to treat me right,
And I’ll treat you better than fine,
You’ll get all the attention I can spare,
At least from what is left,
After dealing with all my demons,

Sex twice a week,
Sometimes everyday,
Shouldn’t give you the idea everything is fine,
While you ride,
Sometimes I hallucinate Harley Quinn,


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