Perfect Cruelest Mistress

I would not refuse,
Nor object to,
Being a slave,
To a beautiful mistress,
One whose hips,
Are of an hourglass shape,

When you slide your hands,
Down her body,
You feel each arch,
Each degree change,
A mathematician,
Would suggest it is not possible,

African American,

Imagine her in a white dress,
Zipper in the front,
Cleavage showing,
Hair to the side,
Hanging halfway down her arm,
Below her elbow,

Ear-rings the size of softballs,
Red velvet lips,
Wetter than a waterfall,

The way she teases,
Sometimes changing her hair,
Curly somedays,
No underwear,
Hiding her nipple rings,

Like an army sergeant,
She places me in chastity,
Grinding her body on mine,
Watching me struggle,
While spikes plunge into my tool,
She smiles a wicked smile,
Grinding harder,
Lips blowing kisses,

As the end comes to fruition,
She grabs a lollipop,
Teasing me,
Knowing I want her lips,
Wrapped around my cock,

I’m handcuffed to her bed,
Panties stuffed in my mouth,
Feel her blue nylon pants,
Rubbing against my cock,
Titties gently caressing my lips,

Enjoys playing cops and robbers,
Holding her baton,
Not sure what is going on,
In her mind,

Ordered me to lift my hips,
As soon as I did I felt,
Her strap-on 6 inches deep,
Inside of me,

This is the kind of mistress,
I would not be afraid to serve,
One that is cruel,


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