You say you ain’t going no where,
Understand how I feel,
Everytime emotions get high,
Arguing over the stupidest shit,

Can’t talk without one of us,
Telling the other to shut-up,
This isn’t a cover-up,

Don’t ever leave me,
Through the highs and lows,
Remember our marriage vows,
They gotta’ mean something,

All I ask is why me,
Out of all the other men,
Athletic; 6 pack abs,
How come I won the lottery,

You could of ran,
Once you found out,
I was broken,
Beyond repair,

Institutionalized twice,
Attempted suicide thrice,
Became a walking pharmacy,
Can’t practice Islam fully,

Instead of running,
You held my hand,
Promised to never leave,
Both Jekyll and Hyde,

Don’t know anybody,
In this world,
Who is as loyal,
As you,


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