Fuck Politics Let Us Have A Conversation

I’m going piss off a lot of people,
Some will act a little bitchy,
A few will be like ‘you can’t say that’,
‘Queer is hurtful’,

My response,
Are you aware of a journal called Queer,
Or a feminist magazine called BITCH,

Let us discuss racism,
Let us discuss sexism,
Let us discuss gun control,
Let us discuss gay marriage,

Every topic skewed,
Can’t bring it up,
Without religion being involved,
Christians and Muslims quoting from holy scriptures,

You don’t need a holy book to tell you,
That a civilian carrying a rifle in public,
Is a bit extreme,
Nothing is wrong with conceal and carry,
As long as police aren’t racist,
If white males can conceal and carry,
So can minorities,

If you need statistics,
White males shouldn’t be allowed to buy or carry a gun,
Majority of terror attacks on U.S soil,
Are carried out by White males,

Why the fuck are you against gay marriage,
How does two dudes fucking,
Two girls sexing,
Fuck with your life,

Are you peeking through them’ curtains,
Do you see queers saying,
Heterosexual sex should be outlawed?

Doesn’t matter what scripture you read,
It was scripted by straight men,
If we are going to be honest,
All White people are racist,
You can’t deny the system known as capitalism,
Has benefited you,

Can’t use the excuse,
I got 1 black friend,
Why did you get a fake tan?

You would rather live in an all white neighborhood,
Compared to South Side Chicago,
As long as we are on an -ism,
How about sexism,
Women paid less than men,
Black women paid less than White women,

Women half naked,
Hip Hop video vixens,
Men like the way they move,
How come we expect Black women,
To have a PhD in Twerking,
Instead of Chemistry?

Call me cynical,
But this shit,
Is fucked up,


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