‘Be Quiet’

Imagine hearing 6+ voices (the minimum) all at once,
No chance for a coffee break,
Can’t run away,
In hopes of ‘losing them’,

Fact is; they always catch up,
Like in bad horror movies,
Where the blonde woman,
Trips over a fallen tree branch,
Only for the killer to be right behind her,

When I tell you to be quiet,
It isn’t because I don’t love you,
Nor because I don’t like you,
Rather, it is because all the voices,
Are just too much,

Getting to the point of confusing,
Realty with fiction,
Is your voice real?
Does that mean their voices are real?
Who do I listen to?

Don’t mistake me for being moody,
Or angry,
It is a combination of schizoaffective,
And borderline personality disorder,
To me; both of them are just part of my day,

Facts might help,
So lets straighten this mess out,

1: when I wake up in the morning,
I see two things,
My lover and the creature from Bedeviled,

2: I do become angry easily,
As well as sad,
That is because my highs are high,
And my lows are low,
With no in-between,

3: When we travel,
Visit familiar homes (like family),
I see Jinn (spirits/demons),
They sit across from me,
Sometimes next to me,

4: Imagine being followed,
Everywhere you go,
Having to look all around,
Sometimes triple checking,
If he or she is a fictitious entity,

Facts aren’t great,
If you felt what I felt,
That would be amazing,
But sad,
Wouldn’t want this on anyone,

5: They touch,
Are dirty,
Sometimes seductive,

Talk terribly,
Not nice at all,
Rather savagely,
Attacking my character,
My well-being,

A day in the life of,
Well, me,
Would be horrifying,
I wouldn’t wish it,
On anybody,


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