Praise Allah (S.W.T) & Love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Hassan bin Thabit (RA) said it best,

And (the truth is that) by my poetical compositions I could not praise Muhammad.
Rather my poetical compositions have become praiseworthy,
Due to its contents being blessed with the sacred mention of Muhammad.

I may not be considered among the best of poets,
Neither among the dead or among the living,
All I know for certain,
Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) name,
Is on my tongue as well as in my heart,

He had the most beautiful eyes,
You could have ever been blessed to witness,
No woman ever gave birth to a more blessed child,
Created free from any flaws whatsoever,
As though you were created just the way you wanted,

He was the treasure of grace,
He was the treasure of mercy,
He was the guide for an entire nation,

Trees walked,
Stones spoke,
The moon split into two,
Upon a single gesture of his finger,

On the night of his Ascension,
Jibril came with glad tidings,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was called to the heavens,
Forever will Muhammad’s (pbuh) name be preserved,

His light continues to shine forth,
His beauty remembered and praised by millions,
His face shines out like the sun and the moon in one,

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was like no other human being,
He was like a flawless diamond,
While the rest of mankind are just stones,
Blessings be upon him until the Day of Judgment,

Upon his death,
Until now,

We remember his light,
We remember his brilliance,
We remember his sight and hearing,
We remember his wisdom,

The Prophet, upon whom be peace, said:

“The worst of scholars is he who visits princes, and the best of princes is he who visits scholars. Happy is the prince who stands at the poor man’s door, and wretched is the poor man who stands at the door of a prince.”


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