Megan Thee Stallion

Inspired by Megan Thee Stallion
About Megan Thee Stallion
For Megan Thee Stallion

The only woman in the world,
Worth being a side-dude for,
The only woman in the world,
Worth cheating on your girl for,

Eat her pussy out everyday like it is her birthday,
Swallow her pussy juice because you are dying of thirst,
Lick all four corners of her pussy because you are a good boy,
Bow at her feet,
Kiss her shoes,
Suck on her toes,
Worship her frame,
Every inch of her body,
Stay up until 2 am,
Be her slave,
Clean her kitchen,
Do her dishes,
Wash out her pipes,
Wait until she drops it,
Lays her fat ass on ya’,
Eat her booty out,
Use your tongue,
Dig for gold,
Pick her up,
Place on her on the kitchen table,
Suck on her titties,
20 minutes each,
Circular motion with your tongue,
Regress back to your toddler days,
Watch her eyes roll back,
As you lick your fingers,
Finger fuck her to death,
Kiss her neck,
French kissing her chest,
Hands caressing the inside of her thighs,
Grabbing onto that ass for dear life,
Talk dirty,
Flip her over,
Arch her back,
Take tequila shots off her ass,
Damn right it is 10x better than Kim K’s,
On your knees,
Eating her pussy out from behind,
She wraps her thighs around your neck,
Hands in your hair,
Pushing your tongue deeper into her bush,
If you don’t like a little hair,
You ain’t a man,
Let her push you onto the living room couch,
Rip off your shirt,
Dress buttons fly across the room,
She smiles a sinister grin,
Recorded everything via her Iphone,
Fuck it; you don’t care,
Pushes you flat on your back,
Pulls down her pants,
One knee touching each ear,
Grinding her pussy on your face,
Demanding for you eat deeper,
Lick harder,
As if her Momma’ made it,
Her hair is flying everywhere,
Sweating like crazy,
She turns around and places her hands on her ass,
Pulling apart her ass cheeks,
Tells you it is time for dessert,
Pulls a bottle of whip cream out from her bag,
Titties full of sugar,
Lays flat on ya’,
Demands for you to start licking,
Slowly makes her way down south,
Tip of her tongue touching the tip of your dick,
Feel her tongue ring slide along the base of your cock,
She teases and denies,
Places you in handcuffs,
Single licks starting from the base,
Playing with your balls,
Can’t deny she has the best head game in the U. S. of A.
She knows you are close,
Climbs on top of you,
Starts riding gently,
You grab her hips,
Tell her it okay if she wants to ride dirty,
She slaps you once,
Spits in your mouth,
Tells you only talk when spoken to,
Riding harder,
Scratches on your chest,
Right black eye,
Bite marks all along both sides of your neck,
Her teeth showing,
Smile wide,
She knows you are close,
Has a belt fastened around your neck,
As you come hard,
Belt tightens,
You feel your eyes closing,
As she orgasms at the same time as you,


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