Love Yourself A Cougar

How she walks like an assassin,
Long black hair falls below her waist,
Taught how to be a seductive geisha,
Booty swaying left to right,

Tight black skirt,
Tight blue shirt,

Sweet Momma,
Be my cougar,

Chase after your sweet loving,
Temperatures rising,
Fucking like we are young again,
Back arched like a gladiator,
Tongue game got 30 years of experience,
How you use your throat muscles should be a crime,

Waiting for my period of release,
Sexy lingerie got me perplexed,
Confused by your nipple rings,
Got me addicted to your tramp stamp,
Arabic letters and Chinese symbols,

Kissing on your thighs,
Call me daddy,

Grab a ruler,
Teach your student a lesson,
Drop it low like a mistress should,
Kissing on me with those red velvet silky lips,
Teasing me with your right hand,

Got me worshiping that fat ass,
Life of a submissive in your hands,

End of the road,
Gotta’ get yourself a cougar,
Words for a side-chick,


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