Broken Beyond Belief

Can’t fix my soul,
All I know,
It can’t be saved,

Fallen far too many times,
So many labels built a home,
Inside of my character,

Low self-esteem,
Rash decision making,

Gotta’ stay on the move,
So my heart doesn’t break,
For the last time,

I promised myself,
It is going to be the last time,
Can’t call nobody for help,

Your Christian god is dead,
Your Muslim god has forsaken me,
Like a child whose burned down his own home,

No turning back,
It is my fault,
From A to Z,

Can’t keep a straight face,
When I see you in pain,
We can’t survive if we continue down this road,

We gotta’ think about our own survival,
Or no one will survive,
Both of us will be broken beyond repair,


Learn & Let Live

You don’t have to worry about loving me,
I’ll always love you,

Between the two of us,
We’ve learned only one of us put in the work,
While the other played mind games,

All the effort it took,
And you decided to play with my heart,

It never was like that for me,
As soon as you stepped off the plane,
You were my everything,

You are supposed to be older,
In dog years some would call you a cougar,
Sadly though, it wasn’t me who was the dog,

I don’t want to tarnish your reputation,
Can’t steep to your level,

In order for me to keep my crown,
I gotta’ keep it presidential,
Learn and let live,

Everyday I’d watch the trees sway in the wind,
Just wishing for you to come sit on my lap,
So that I could kiss you in Paris,