Dinner With A Black Queen

Lean on me,
Tell me what you need,
I wanna’ be in your life,
Will you be my wife?

In front of your Momma’,
It is okay if you pretend,
When we are alone you are nasty,
Praying your Momma’ doesn’t find us freakin,

Sneak away in the middle of dinner,
After my future father-in-law asks,
Where do you work?
My fingers start to relapse in need of your waist,

Feeling the back of your jeans,
Leaning over their bathroom sink,
Kissing the back of your neck,
Playing hide and seek with my fingers rubbing on your pum-pum,

Momma’ knocks on the door,
Are you two alright in there?
Both of us reassure her,
We will be right out,

Not sure if my future in-laws were impressed,
Doesn’t matter if they don’t approve,
Lets run away,
Follow the North Star until our hearts die at the same time,

They didn’t approve because of our drastic difference of skin complexion,
A white boy bowing at the feet of a Black queen,
Worshiping your melanin during every sunrise,
Massaging your fat ass so it can fit into those skinny jeans,

After dinner we said our goodbyes,
Couldn’t stop staring at your Angela Davis Afro,
You asked your mom and dad to give us 5 minutes,
Walked me back to my rust bucket of a car,

Pushed me into the backseat,
Back against a wall rings true,
All I could see were your decorated nails removing your African g-string,
Started to gently ride this hurricane,

Asked if I wanted to be educated,
Inscribed 400 years of slavery unto my chest,
Though we are of different skin complexions,
My heart wants to understand as much as it can,

Brown eyes standing at attention,
Felt every drop of sweat from your neck,
Black lipstick covering my chest,
Wished we had more time,

Started to moan,
Felt every groan,
Just as we were about to pop each other’s cherry,
In-laws shouted ‘is everything alright’,

Didn’t know it was coming,
All of a sudden I creamed in your pum pum,
Back spasms including a neck twist,
Witnessed the whiteness of your teeth along with a twisted smile,

You stood up,
Shouted ‘I am coming’,
Waved goodbye,
Confirmed our next meeting with an ‘I love you’…


Best Thing In My Life

You are the best thing I know,
I feel you in my heart,
My bones tremble,
When I hear your heels click,

At first sight,
I knew you were going to be mine,
Promised myself I would never let you go,
If another man tries he’ll dig an early grave,

Every part of my soul;
Tells me so,
We were destined to be together,
Don’t fret nor cry; no woman, don’t cry,

You are the best thing I know,
Don’t tell me so,
This world is yours,
You are my Cinderella,

It is true I fantasize,
What I am going to do to your body,
Sitting in the last row watching a movie,
Purposely taking too long in a photo booth,

I give my heart to you,
Creating beautiful fixtures from our bedroom ceiling,
Driving each other crazy,
We are the time piece in each other’s lives,

You are the best thing I know,
You snap me out of confusion,
Keep it 100,
My favorite thing in real life,