What Happens When I Think About You

I got a beating heart,
Type of love too sweet for a candy store,
Some days your body tastes like Sour Patch kids,
Don’t fret my lady of the night,

I speak nothing but the truth,
When I have a bad day,
All I desire,
Is your Afro blowing in the wind,

You’ve been told all sorts of rumors,
Don’t believe a single one,
Ask me if they are true,
I’ll tell you the truth,

You’ve pondered if my words sleep next to deceit,
Every second of every day,
Last night I dreamt,
You played the role of a Banana Split with whip cream,

Change clothes,
Switch topics,
Light a candle,
Fingers graced by melanin,

Change positions,
Bubble bath and rose petals,
Sculpt your body with the tip of my tongue,
Back it up, put it on me, ride till you collapse,