My Next VLOG (mental health, stereotypes, Indonesia, graduate school)

In a couple days I will be uploading a new video (VLOG 21). Topics discussed will include mental health, stereotypes, Indonesia, graduate school, etc.

The past couple weeks I have learned a lot about myself and others. For example, I never realized how important medication was until I took notes and observed what happened around me (both on and off medication). I’ve been struggling these past couple weeks. The voices are trying to trick me into doing things I don’t want to do. My hallucinations are constantly occurring. While I teach, in the corner of the room I see the Bye Bye Man (for example).

Yes, we live in Indonesia. Do I have plans to return back home? No! How about graduate school? Someday, maybe? This is something I am pondering at the moment. I am two classes away from receiving my masters. If I return back home, I will have to pay up front at least 2000 dollars (previous tuition left unpaid).

Mental health in this country is a funny thing. Nobody talks about it and if they do demonic forces are brought up. Not the fact that the person is struggling and they don’t have a choice nor can they control the symptoms. For example, I can’t control the voices or hallucinations from coming and/or going. All I can do is to try to ground myself so I know the difference between reality and fiction.

These are the topics that will be discussed. Hopefully I will be able to stream live on Facebook as well as upload the video on YouTube!


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