Advice for the Wicked

Advice for those who ponder…

Don’t utter mean, vulgar, or degrade someone with schizophrenia. It is the worst thing you can do.

For example…

I hear voices 24/7. They tell me to kill myself, nobody cares about me, im useless, and my parents killed themselves bc of me.

So when somebody tells me that i am selfish, i dont love them, or that im constantly cheating on them…

It hurts/It is painful beyond belief.

I start believing the voices were right. It causes me to go into a deep depression. My hallucinations get 10x worse. Throughout the day I imagine different ways to kill myself.

When I follow or look at someone. It isnt bc I like them. Rather, I am hallucinating something and trying to figure out if its real.

In conclusion, thanks a lot. Now, I am depressed as shit and ideolizing suicide.


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