Racism 101: An Elective

(Professor Hughes Enters)

‘In the old age, black was not counted fair,
Or if it were, it bore not beauty’s name;
But now is black beauty’s successive heir,
And beauty slandered with a bastard’s shame’

Sports Illustrated melanin models,
Asked if it is okay to be airbrushed,
Ignorant Somalis bleach,
White girls apply multiple Snapchat filters,
Everybody confused,
Not just the children of slaves,
Raped by (their) slave masters,

(Raised my hand slowly, afraid of Professor Hughes)

But professor, isn’t it true,
A Raven’s eye is black,
Personally, I believe Queen Sheba had brows so suited,
She wasn’t born fair, instead Black with beauty,
So why does creation continue to slander,

(Professor Hughes thinks for a moment)

For the same reason 4 black girls were blown up,
In an Alabama church,
And how 500 middle passage blacks,
Were thrown in the Charleston harbor,
So redcoats wouldn’t find them,
Can’t you see?

In truth, all we need is a deck of cards,
Maybe a dozen of sun people,
Black college dormitories,
Jazz music,
Fried chicken,
And some paper,

Haven’t you ever thought,
What the implications were,
For calling someone your brother or sister,
When they aren’t really your brother or sister,
It is called White Man’s guilt,

So Langston, what is the solution?

Should we let America be America again,
Should we let it be the dream it used to be,
Should we let it be the pioneer on the plain,

(America never was America to me)

Should we let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed,
Let it be that great strong land of love,
Where kings never deceive nor tyrants scheme,

(It never was America to me)

In truth,

I am the poor white,
I am the slave bearing slavery scars,
I am the red man driven from his land,
I am the immigrant clutching hope,

Finding only the same,
A dog eat dog land,
Where the mighty crush the weak,

I am the young man,
I am the farmer,
I am the warehouse worker,
I am the people,

Yet dreaming nightly,

A gangster’s death,
Rape, stealth, and lies,
Redeem the land,
Mines, plants, and rivers,
The mountains and endless plains,
Make America again!


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