Position For An Egyptian

This isn’t a love song, or an r&b fuck melody,
Honestly, it might cause feminists to finger themselves,
Throughout history, masculinity raped women in pornography,
Once in a blue moon, an Amazonian Queen came along,
Men on their knees, worshipping melanin and pum pum,

In 2018, men assume a woman is only useful if she’s sucking dick,
Twerking, riding, or taking backshots,
Things need to change, we need a Cleopatra to rise up,
Pray for a Phoenix,
Men to be reminded where they belong,

In between a woman’s legs, on our knees,
Pretending her pum pum is the fountain of life,
God’s paradise, the tree of Eden,
An apple meant for worshipping,
Juices meant to be swallowed,

Dream of a woman placing me in chains,
Locked up in chastity, handcuffed to her bed,
Teased and denied, used and abused, only for her satisfaction,
Accustomed to drinking Pepsi, now I gotta’ imagine, her Pum Pum as Pepsi Blue,
Scratch marks, hot wax, nailed to a cross,

Forced to kiss cellulite, writing erotic poems about stretch marks,
Mother of three, nearly forty,
Haven’t you heard, Black doesn’t crack,
Invited her three 20 year old daughters into the room,
All three pretended to be dictators massacring my body,

After 4 weeks in bondage, 24/7 between 4 pairs of thighs,
Non-stop pleasure and pain, electric orgasm torture,
Roses, chocolates, and Victoria secret pum pum,
Truth or dare, scissor choke holds,
Mother finished with light kisses, daughters refused to resign,


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