Dance All Night

It feels good; sleeping next to my one and only,
When I am alone, every server resembles my Queen,
Every time a host ushers me to my seat,
Can’t help but see my baby standing in her place,

Words ushered, naughtiness exposed,
Born a good girl; made love in the backseat,
On our wedding night, she turned into a Bad Gyal,

No matter what occurs; gun violence, gangs, or cigarettes,
We’ve got each other in case the other takes a misstep,
In a crowded room, drunk before picking up a shot glass,
Can’t take our eyes off one another,

If a fight breaks out, she’s not afraid to break a nail,
Bruises and scars, we’ll smoke one or two joints,
Passing it back and forth, sometimes taking an extra hit,
Giving each other hickies; one night stands are beneath us,

We read each other’s minds, hands touching below our waists,
Playing hide and seek below the belt, the Nile flowing non-stop,
Drinking from a fresh tap; 6 inch stilettos standing in black underwear,

Doctor and medic, judge and jury;
Blackmail fantasy for the sick, ice cream sundays for the privileged,
Ice cubes from the freezer, caused her nipples to be erect,
Nobody can direct such a masterpiece, let us dance all night,


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