Sex On The Beach

She bends in directions not known to man,
Each degree between ninety and three hundred sixty,
Her hips, thighs, and chest,

All she asks for is for my eyes to watch,
For my hands to caress her skin,
For my mind to recognize what will come next,

Barefoot we walk through crispy leaves,
Through floods and happiness,
When chaos strikes,

She places my head on her chest,
So that I can hear her heartbeat,
Her long black hair hides my snow colored skin,

Whispering in my ear,
Asking me if I am ready,
We sit under a coconut tree,

When thirsty drinking coconut juice from her cleavage,
Drinking until our thirst is clenched,
She wears nothing but a blanket,

My hands tied to the back of the coconut tree,
Ripping my shirt off,
Kissing my chest starting from my neck,

As the sun sets,
Her skin shines,
Sweat dripping from her neck,

Legs wrapped around my waist,
Staring into each other’s eyes,
Licking her lips,

Starting to sway,
As I get close to exploding,
She starts swaying back and forth violently,

Biting my neck,
Both of our eyes rolling,
Our bodies tremble as the sun disappears below the horizon,


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