Cheating On You With Hallucinations

Intellectually superior, genetically gifted,
Learned a long time ago never judge someone,
Based on how flawless they seem to be,

Every keeps secrets,
What are you hiding,

Can’t keep your mind from brushing shoulders with jealousy,
Keeping tragedy in your back pocket for emergency use only,
Champion of creating fantasies and fairy-tales,
Accusations behind every word spoken,

Each one hurts more than the last,
Like fireworks going off in your hands,

Wish you would stop day dreaming,
All I can do is focus my attention on creating opportunities,
After all, I am only a pupil of revolutionary heroes,
A teacher of Shakespearean language,

So often you observe
Dissecting every action,
Through cheating lenses,

If only you used your vision for educational purposes,
You would see me making eye contact with imaginary shadows,
I don’t care if you say you have witnesses,
Only God can judge me,

Bikini wearing, G-string loving,
Victoria secret angels can’t out perform my hallucinations,


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