I Owe Everything To My Wife

If I could describe how the past two months have been since moving from Minnesota to Indonesia. It would be exciting, peaceful, but not without a trial or struggle. Due to my mental illness (schizo-affective disorder) it doesn’t matter what country I am in; struggle, darkness, and perseverance always follows.

To be honest, I don’t think I would have been able to make the transition alone. I owe everything to my wife. She has been my rock. Someone who I have been able to hold onto for strength. Without her, I would be a lonely depressed individual.

No matter how bad the voices get or how intense the hallucinations become; I know my wife is standing beside me with her hand ready in case I need to grab it so I don’t fall. I can’t thank her enough. I owe her everything!

How It Has To Be

Although I am broken, I promise to never break your heart,
In the beginning my intention was to get to know you,
After our first phone call,
My intention was for you to be my wifey,

When you are questioned by your girlfriends,
Tell them I fuck ya 7 ways till Sunday,
Make them jealous after you explain,
Neither of us are able to get out of bed,

When my friends ask I will tell them,
You back it up and throw a rack,
Better than any Instagram bitch,

We will fool the world into thinking we are genuine,
We will raise two glasses of wine,
Barely able to fit in them jeans,
Sitting upon your throne gripping an AK,

When you are angry,
You got a Barber’s blade,
Along my neckline,

I’d rather ask Toni Romiti,
If she’d like to roll one,
You got nothing on me,
She’s irreplaceable,

(The) joke will be on all those who watch,
We never asked for an audience,
I guess this is how it has to be,