Make War Not Love (Bahasa Indonesian/English)

Begitulah, ia hikmati malam yang cerau
Dan mencoba menghalau galau dan risau.
Dibetulkannya rambut ranggas yang menjuntai

Last night was not like most nights,
Nor is tonight going to be like most nights,
We will stand in the pouring rain,
Facing uncertainty and doubt,

…suddenly waking…it was only a dream…

Aku terjaga di kursi ketika cahaya bulan jatuh di wajahku dari genting kaca
Adakah hujan sudah reda sejak lama?

Sleeping comfortably in my favorite leather chair,
Not sure what woke me,
Until her shadow appeared,

Rinduku burung malam
Menangkup cahaya: rahasia bintang-bintang
How I longed for her presence,
Wishing to uncover all of her secrets,

She slowly and seductively,
Walked erotically,
Impossible to look away,
Wearing only a silk robe,

Before she could disrobe,
I gestured for her to stop,

…Before you embark on this journey,
I must make sure you are prepared…

You should be curious how I feel about war,
Ask every sheet of paper about the ink from my pen,
Within minutes passion sprawls from the bottom left to the top right,

Your curves will be caressed as if I am writing a love letter,
Kissing up and down your thighs in short sentences and prose,
All your innocence will be swept away,

It will cause you to bite your bottom lip,
You’ll ask me to pull your hair,
Automatically arching your back,
Imagine, it only took my pen,

(Influenced by S.T.P)

All I have to do is use my mind,
You will suddenly smile,
Shyly obscene,

By the end of tonight,
I will have written several poems inside of you,
With my fingers,

It will be our story,
Including your screams,
Ending with my lips stealing your soul,

(Influenced by A.A.)

…She paused for a moment…not sure whether to continue…

If you are still unsure,
Before you make your decision,
My request is for you to fulfill these requirements,

Your moans must sound like gunfire,
Your breath shall feel like death,

I will come unarmed,
If you promise to destroy me,

We will make war,
Not love,

(Sahith Shetty)

…Now, what have you decided…her robe falls to the floor…


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