Babies Thrown In Trash Bins [In] A Muslim Majority Country

National estimates have found that 1.3 to 1.7 million youth experience one night of homelessness a year with 550,000 youth being homeless for a week or longer. (statistic focusing on America)

Just the other day,
Somebody placed a baby,
In a garbage bin where I work,
In a Muslim majority country,
(The) individual who committed this atrocity,
More than likely wasn’t married,
He or she, maybe they were scared,
Forced by their family to abandon the child,

It is a shame,
Presumable that child will grow up,
Believing they are an orphan,
Bouncing from home to home,
Statistics claim,
One in seven young people,
Between the ages of 10 and 18 will run away,
75 percent of runaways are female,

Youth age 12 to 17 are more at risk of homelessness than adults.

For the youth on the street,
It isn’t a surprise,
Between 6 and 22 percent are pregnant,
20 to 40 percent of homeless youth are LGBT,

Why are the youth running away?
Are they overreacting,
Should they be labelled as acting childish,
46 percent of runaway and homeless youth reported,
Being physically abused,
38 percent reported being emotionally abused,
17 percent reported being forced,
Into unwanted sexual activity by a family or household member,

What do you expect to happen?
For these youth to stay in school,
75 percent of homeless or runaway youth,
Drop out or will drop out of school,

Of the more than 132 million children classified as orphans last year, 13 million lost both parents.

Just because you claim to be a Muslim majority country,
It doesn’t mean you are morally superior,
Or that just because you built a mosque on ever corner,
It doesn’t mean you can claim to know the truth,
So called God-fearing fools,
Are placing babies in trash bins,

For those who are lost,
Sleeping in public bathrooms,
My hands are extended,
Walk with me,
Help me educate the ignorant,


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