Cat Calling Jesus

It is merely a fictitious thought,
Maybe even a little ambitious,
Some would think of it as delicious,
While others call it malicious,

Now imagine,
If Jesus walked New York City streets,
It would be a bit suspicious,
One or two people would be superstitious,

On this particular day,
It was 95 degrees and sunny,
Jesus thought to himself,
People are acting a little bit funny,
Maybe it was because they had a bit too much honey,

Beggars were out asking for money,
While both men and women were out walking like;
They had just won a large sum of prize money,
Jesus witnessed women dressed rather lovely,

He checked his calendar,
It wasn’t even Friday,
Found himself accidentally resurrected,
On a Monday,

Every sister Jesus looked at,
He found maliciously screwable,
Some of them were chewable,
Caught himself in a pickle,

Asked himself; am I faithful,
Would I do anal with a bagel?
Give a facial,
To one of my unfaithful?

Jesus caught himself acting the opposite of graceful,
Didn’t care if he was being a bit shameful,
His eyes couldn’t stop staring at every Rachel’s playful stable,
So many Becki’s promoting good head service,

By the time Jesus reached the nearest Pizza shop,
He was feeling deadly ill,
Tired from pleasing every Chelsea, Jesse, and Kelsey,
While drinking a Pepsi,


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