Advice for the Wicked

Advice for those who ponder... Don't utter mean, vulgar, or degrade someone with schizophrenia. It is the worst thing you can do. For example... I hear voices 24/7. They tell me to kill myself, nobody cares about me, im useless, and my parents killed themselves bc of me. So when somebody tells me that i … Continue reading Advice for the Wicked


Racism 101: An Elective

(Professor Hughes Enters) 'In the old age, black was not counted fair, Or if it were, it bore not beauty’s name; But now is black beauty’s successive heir, And beauty slandered with a bastard’s shame' ... Sports Illustrated melanin models, Asked if it is okay to be airbrushed, Ignorant Somalis bleach, White girls apply multiple … Continue reading Racism 101: An Elective

My Heroes

To all the broken hearted, Mentally and physically disabled, Emotionally wrecked, Chronically depressed, Chemically imbalanced, Foster care kids, Single moms, Orphans living in cardboard boxes, Bipolar ridden, Schizoaffective, Chubby, Anorexic, Picked last at recess, Forgotten souls, Homeless LGBT youth, Institutionalized, Surrounded by white walls, Inmates thrown within cell blocks across America, Men and women living … Continue reading My Heroes