Miss Independent

Legends and Fairy-Tales speak of;
Biblical origins,
A man’s rib-cage,
Miss Independent hasn’t been in chains,
Since the beginning of time,

Led conquerors to believe,
They had won,
While quietly plotting,
The oppressor’s assassination,
Used every tactic,
From brute force to sensual trickery,

Chopsticks holding her hair in a bun,
Skin caressed,
Wearing the silkiest of robes,
A Chinese dragon eating its prey,

Delicate kisses,
Miss Independent,
Her silk robe drops,
Hands requesting permission,
Allowed to touch but not to talk,
After 2 minutes,

The colonizer closes his eyes,
Pain and happiness flee,
She removes both chop-sticks,
Samurai sharp,
Traces of red lip-stick along his neck,


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