Will psychosis strike Again? Will I be able to escape it's grasp? Will it destroy me? Why only Whispers? Why are the shadows playing hide and seek? Only strangers, Hooded figures, Jinn, They don't speak, Only following me, Everywhere I go, Why? All these questions lingering in my mind, Most people would consider me unwell, … Continue reading Unwell


Miss Independent

Legends and Fairy-Tales speak of; Biblical origins, A man's rib-cage, Ironically, Miss Independent hasn't been in chains, Since the beginning of time, Led conquerors to believe, They had won, While quietly plotting, The oppressor's assassination, Used every tactic, From brute force to sensual trickery, Chopsticks holding her hair in a bun, Skin caressed, Wearing the … Continue reading Miss Independent

Blasian Fantasy In An Emergency Exit Stairwell

It will be our secret, Nobody has to know, Both of us looked twice, At the same time, Followed you into, An emergency exit stairwell, Found you leaning, Apple bottom pressed, Caught between the handrail, One hand feeling the inside of your thigh, Second hand playing with your nipple ring, Opened your mouth to speak, … Continue reading Blasian Fantasy In An Emergency Exit Stairwell