To The So Called Plus Size Women

They are called Plus-Size,
Even though the majority of Angels are anorexic,
I never understood why curvy,
Love handle ridden women are scrutinized,

Maybe it is just me,
But I love that feeling,
When a woman’s curves,
Seem to be never ending,

Able to grab on in case she gets carried away,
When so called ‘plus size’ women,
Have to jump in front of the mirror,
In order to squeeze into their jeans,

It is the best feeling in the world,
When your Queen isn’t afraid to engage in an eating contest,
Not afraid of calories,
Or whether she will gain 1 or 2 pounds,

So this love riddim,
Goes out to all my so called ‘plus size’ Queens,
Who are emotionally and physically tortured,
For being more beautiful than those who look like skeletons,


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