How To Write A Love Song

Have you ever wrote a love song,
Wished for the stars but received so much more,
Stood watching the sunset,
Hands wrapped around her waist,
Kissing the back of her neck,
Whispering role play fantasies,
As the sun goes down,
She utters,

‘I love you’…

Powerful enough to erase past memories,
Every ex-man disappears,
Every crazy ex girlfriend forgotten,
Laying under the stars,
In the backseat of a broken down Chevy,
You ask ‘can I roll you delicately,
Just as I roll my Mary J’s’,
Her body speaks (no words expressed),

‘Can’t get you out of my mind’…

Best of both worlds,
Woman I want to spend the rest of my life with,
Places her hands on my chest,
Expressing affection,
‘You are my King’,
Can’t weather the storm,
Only choice is to become one with her intellect,
Bow down before her feet,
Worship everything in-between,
From her head to her toes,

‘It is time’…

For this song to end,
Moment she holds your head close,
Close enough to her chest,
Hear her heart beating,
Gentle winds cause the hair on her arms to rise,
Slowly taking off every article of clothing,
She promised to give you everything,
Didn’t know what it meant until you were blindfolded,
Wrote vows on each other’s stomach with the tip of your tongues,

‘I love you’…


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