My Everything

Nobody had ever been my everything,
But the moment our eyes met,
She became my Everything,

Can’t drive alone,
My Everything has to be in the front seat,
Protecting me from on-coming traffic,

It is true, thots attack non-stop,
Trying to distract me from my Everything
Trying to seduce me thinking they got something I need,

Wasting their time,
Only to find out I already got an Omega,
She calls me Alpha,

Love it when I wake up,
Refers to me as her Panda,

In the beginning I was shy,
24/7 she’s on my mind,
When I met my Everything,

Told myself I wasn’t ready,
But truth be told,
It was the world who wasn’t ready,

My Everything made everything so easy,
Told me we could take it slow,
Talk and enjoy one another’s syllables,

Everybody else was invisible,
No matter how hard anyone else tried,
Camera, click, meant to attract attention,

Didn’t matter if they worked for Victoria,
My Everything wasn’t a secret,
Wore love for my Everything on my arm,

Nobody is ready for this type of love,
When everything is empty,
Until you meet your Everything,


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