Woman of the Millennium

She whispers ‘come closer’,
I reply ‘wine harder’,

No matter the time of the day,
How bright it is outside,
Darkness hides her complexion,
Drops it on me,
Gives me permission,
Enjoying the time we spend together,
Leaving bite marks on her neck,
On those thick drumsticks,
Nothing is wrong,
If you got meat on them’ bones,

Amount of love I got for my lady,
This type of love is unconditional,
No ceiling,
Can’t match it,
Dollar amount can’t describe it,
Art can’t comprehend it,
Poetry can’t fuck with it,
All we can do is live with it,

She whispers ‘come closer’,
I reply ‘wine harder’,

Pay no attention,
We are the only two people,
Who can handle each other’s,
Past, Present, and Future,
When she gives brain,
Feels as though she’s got a tongue ring,
Pierced lip(s),
Promised me she knew how to dip it low,
Followed through sense I became addicted,
Fell in love with all of her curves,

Both of us fatigued,
Neither of us care,
(Her) caramelized skin tone,
My white as snow complexion,
Under the bed sheets grinding,
Drinking the sweat from (her) neckline,
Tied my hands to our bedpost,
Played hide and seek under our bed-sheets,
Felt that smooth touch,
Ate dinner off her landing spot,

She whispers ‘come closer’,
I reply ‘wine harder’,


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