My Street Corner

If I need inspiration, I’ll call upon my own self-conceited admiration,
Maybe a better word would be self-confidence,
Low-self esteem,

Imagine Langston Hughes on a street corner begging for money,
Similar to Edgar Allen Poe, his unpublished work,
Waiting for pennies, dimes, and nickels,

If pedestrians paid attention they would realize,
The fish bowl to my right was filled with tears,
Developed by my own eyes,

Standing upon a soap box,
No matter how much soap I use this depression stays,
It talks about The Boy In The Elevator,

For me to sing along with Weird Al,
Elmo’s got a Gun,
Bernie’s on Fire,

Asians and Indians,
Grocery stores,
Black stereotypes,

Half bakes men and women,
Falsely observing the Black Sabbath,
No clam, No fish,
Does it sound familiar?

As the sun goes down,
My mind speaks tactile hallucinations,
They look real, feel real, sound real,
Am I wrong?

Mentally ill,
In love,
Who has the power to confirm or deny?

A mere 13 dollars and cents,
Musical notes,
Stars and concepts,

Walking a lonely road,

Playing the harmonica,
Calling Kirk Franklin,
Suggesting to travelers,

Do not pee on 16-year-old girls,
R Kelly is dead,


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