Worth Living

Life is a journey,
It is easier to love another,
Harder to love yourself,
Most people give up at this point,
I would be lying to you,
If I said I love myself,

Most of the time,
I’m in conflict,
Not sure if I am capable of it,
What good can I find,
Looking inside of a broken soul,

Most common response,
Broken just means,
You can put what cracked back together,
Is it possible?

A small part of me,
Knows I am alive,
When I hold my wife in my arms,

Everything flies by,
Accidental epiphanies,

Such days are seldom,
Most days I ask for reason,
Writing rhymes meant for production,
No one listens,
They are placed in the trash,

Similar to the majority of women,
Who believe they will enter Hip Hop,
Clean and preserved,
Only to be turned inside out,
Given a nickname like Candy,
Told to drop it,

If I had a choice,
I would welcome a revolver,
After going over my options,
My lover and I,
Cause havoc under bed-sheets,

All these armies rising,
Don’t stand a chance,

Borderline Personality Disorder,

Fuck labels,
We are going to terrorize,
Entertain one another,

Life becomes colorful,
Worth living,


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