Thank You Letter To My Wife

Going through rehab without a lover,
Similar to DMX pretending to be clean,
Even though he’s using everyday,

Everyday is God awful,
But it is possible,
To smile even though,
The pain far outweighs the sunshine,

It is because of her,
My Bonnie, My Queen,
My One and Only,
She never gives up,

Without her I would be drowning in my own sorrow,
Unable to get up in the morning,
Relinquish all my rights,
Invite death into my bedroom,

Honestly though…
She keeps everything hood,
Everything straight,
Everything 100,

When I am tired and can’t work,
She explains paraplegics are winning Olympic games,
Families are being kicked out of their homes,
Foreclosures served on a daily basis,

Without doubt, she’s my diamond,
I wouldn’t say I found her in the rough,
Rather I found her sitting on top of a throne,
She picked me out of a crowd full of jokers,

This isn’t a story, it isn’t make-believe,
She’s got brown skin and a heart of gold,
Caramel thighs,
Melanin, pigmentation, gotta’ clench my thirst,

Such a poem, is a thank you poem,
It is meant as a form of worship,
Thank you; dear wife,
For not leaving me; you had so many chances,


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