Out of this Darkness

Every morning I question myself,
Try to scare myself straight,
Because I am scared of the darkness,
I am witness to empty streetlights,
If I didn’t take the pills my doctor prescribed,
My bathroom would become my home,

Hot water dripping down my back,
Afraid of stepping out of the shower,
My own two feet barely hold me upright,
If I could hate someone,
I would hate myself,
It isn’t right but my mind labels it as just,

It is a beautiful day but these drugs blind me,
Zombified; barely able to read,
Pleading for the sun to come out,
If God cared he would appoint the stars,
Let light shine bright,
Clear a path so I can escape,

Following the psychologist’s script,
Told I have to be patient,
Everything gets better but this doesn’t seem realistic,
Nothing has gotten better,
Except for my woman; she hasn’t left my side,
Thank God,


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