Woman of the Millennium

She whispers ‘come closer’, I reply ‘wine harder’, No matter the time of the day, How bright it is outside, Darkness hides her complexion, Drops it on me, Gives me permission, Enjoying the time we spend together, Leaving bite marks on her neck, On those thick drumsticks, Nothing is wrong, If you got meat on … Continue reading Woman of the Millennium


Riddim of the Year

When it comes to denial, it is like swimming in the Nile, My current thinking, does it ever end? It goes on and on, not sure if it ever ends? But the moment she showed herself; that figure, Everything changed, Melanin covered thighs, Freckled covered cheeks, Every inch just perfect, Old & Grey, Dyes her … Continue reading Riddim of the Year

When Everything Is Everything

Everything is alright, they tell me, Everything speaks, the stars shine, Everything guides me to what is right, Remind me everything will be alright, Remind me everything shines bright, Remind me everything lost isn't gone, Remind me everything can be won (back), Remind me everything stays after we die, Everything is alright, they tell me, … Continue reading When Everything Is Everything

My Street Corner

If I need inspiration, I'll call upon my own self-conceited admiration, Maybe a better word would be self-confidence, Low-self esteem, Imagine Langston Hughes on a street corner begging for money, Similar to Edgar Allen Poe, his unpublished work, Waiting for pennies, dimes, and nickels, If pedestrians paid attention they would realize, The fish bowl to … Continue reading My Street Corner

9 Lines

Medicine every morning, So that the rest of my day is bearable, Swallowing pills after dinner, So that the rest of my night is bearable, Without a physician, My fragile existence, Old and grey, Am I alive, I dream, …