Story of a Hoe

She’s not afraid to drop it low,
Because she believes,
‘I’m not a hoe’,

Drops it low,
Makes all the guys and lezbo girls,
Look her way,
They can’t look away.

She’s got thick thighs,
Guys pretend they are greasy KFC thighs,
Fat ass perfect to smack,
Licks her lips,

Don’t know whether she prefers eating out every girl’s landing spot,
Or prefer to ride every cute guy,
While they sit back and grab onto her hips,
Come and get it…

Most girls label her a bitch.
Who can judge her,
Nobody can say they are God,

Religious people call her a child of God,
Made in God’s image,
So does that mean God has a tight pussy,
Wetter than Niagara Falls,

Not sure what is worse,
If a girl can’t hold her man close,
Or if every married man can’t reject her,

Able to play with their dick in her hands,
If she can touch it,
Why should she not lick it…

It is true,
She enjoys dressing as if she’s constantly fucking,
For those who say she’s prostituting,

Your angry because she can give your man a lap dance,
And he’ll want to kiss her ass like a good dog,
If she commands for him to take her panties off,
He’ll eat her ass after she finishes working out,

Sweaty ass doesn’t bother him,
As long as she sits on his face,
Doesn’t matter if he’s got a ring,
She’ll sell it at the local pawn shop…

All of her life,
She’s been a target of attraction,
Now she’s an animal,
Not afraid of titty fucking or Anal,

White dick or black dick,
It is all the same,
Either way she’ll need to finish,
Using the toy she’s got,
Sitting on her night stand,

No joke,
Maybe she’ll get Oprah to eat her pussy out,
Since Oprah enjoys the Color purple…


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