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One of the reasons why I deactivated my Facebook account was so that I could focus on myself. For those who were worried about me or were concerned…you deserve an explanation.

My mental health started to deteriorate while I taught English abroad. I noticed something was seriously wrong while teaching in Jakarta (Indonesia) as well as in Surat Thani (Thailand).

During that time I suffered from hallucinations as well started to hear voices. In the beginning I thought it was due to stress or just something that would quickly pass.

My symptoms worsened so I returned to Minnesota (8 months later helping my wife acquire a green-card). Over the past three weeks I have attended several mental health/doctor appointments.

I have been diagnosed as having schizophrenia (more specifically schizoaffective disorder which is a combination of schizophrenia and depression).

Not much is known about the origins of schizophrenia except for that it affects close to 2 percent of the world’s population and a combination of genetics and social environmentfactors are potential causes.

I apologize to all those who were concerned. As of right now, I am not doing great but hanging on to the smallest amount of strength that resides within my heart.

One of the coping mechanisms I have started using to face this struggle head on are VLOGS. Hopefully those who subscribe benefit from my own struggles and how I am trying to face them head on.

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