Man In The Mirror

When I gaze into my bathroom mirror,
Most obvious question; ‘where did he go’,
Unable to recognize the man standing in front of me,
Most obvious answer; someone else’s reflection,

Cut myself off from friends and family,
Removed myself from all social media,
Most days, I wake up, go to class,
Return home, go to work,
Forget to eat, maybe sleep,

Midnight strikes, I take a second look,
At the man in the mirror,
Cold inside, feelings disappaited,
Paralyzed, crying tears,
Reflection denies responsibility,

Suffocating from lack of oxygen,
Trapped in a box buried 9 feet underground,
Clawing, scratching, and kicking,
For those who accept my tears as real,
Don’t call the Vatican, it is not possession,

Car needs gas, can’t pay inside,
Razors whisper ‘buy me’,
Grocery shopping at Walmart,
Buy what we need,
No window shopping,

Told to socialize,
Can’t explain to every single person,
What is wrong with me,
Mental disorders carry enough stigma
Two voices; one tempts suicide the other mischievous,


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