Denyque (Can’t Deny)

[chess game begins]
[After a couple moves]

[You] are unique and speak boldly,
Vocabulary more romantic than Romeo and Juliet,
As long as we are being honest with each other,
Can’t take my eyes off your complexion,

Perfect balance able to wear yellow under the sun,
Never was attracted to white skin,
Reminded on a daily basis,
‘Black is beautiful’,


[You] talk good game,
Feel like you’ve done this before,
Can’t say I am not flattered,
Maybe you’ve brought other women,
Who sat in this very chair,

It is true I’m sweet,
Sweeter than anything you’ll ever taste,
Though I promise my bite,
Is the worst you’ll ever feel,


No doubt you’ve got a nasty bite,
Through-out the years I’ve been through a lot,
One thing I am not is a liar,
If my mother rose from her grave,
She would tell you I ain’t lying,

Shape of your chin,
Causes me to fantasize about us dancing on the beach,
While the sun rises till it sets,
Believe me when I tell you,
My shoulder is the perfect resting place for your chin,


Baby [notices she has slipped up],
Though seduction lives in your heart,
[You] wouldn’t be able to handle,
This Jamaican body,
Heart, mind, or soul,

Even if I thought you could,
How do I know you wouldn’t leave after hitting it once,
How do I know you wouldn’t leave during the middle of the night,
Waking up next to a note on your pillow,
Is not what I am seeking,


Your right, I can’t promise you the moon,
Nor withdraw 1 mil from my bank account,
More than likely I got just enough money,
For this game of chess and our lunch,
Yet, I am willing to cover future costs,

[I] promise two things,
First: I will never leave you,
No matter how difficult things become,
Second: I can handle everything you got and more,
Afterwards you’ll have learned the definition of multi-orgasmic,



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