Wish To Be A Lover, Not A Fighter

I’m tired of all the violence, all I wanna’ be is a lover,
All my life I have been fighting, never believed in finding comfort,
But this time I found myself cutting, sitting alone in front of [a] gravestone,
Found peace in the silence, after you left me sitting in my own violence,
Believed there was no point in trying, been quiet for far too long,

I was in need of a miracle, found myself searching for a savior,
Didn’t want to be a burden, so I silenced my tongue and lied about [my] struggle,
Read in holy books to ask for a favor, while my arms bleed would be hypocritical,
My mind never accepts silence, so much noise and I hate it,
If I could be a lover, I would lower my fists in a heartbeat,

If speaking honestly, I am afraid of crying, don’t want to become like [my] father,
Apologize after causing bruises, repeat offender lying daily,
Would rather create paper planes and fly them alongside [my] Co-Pilot,
Sketch love into the sky while [the] clouds in the sky praise our names,
Wish to become a lover and for God to stop the violence so that I can cry,


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