Grimm’s Realistic Fairytale

Everybody talks as if they know me, as if they befriended my soul,
Truthfully though, all I want are people to leave me alone,
Let me sing to the stars while stringing my guitar,
Praying without kneeling, waiting for the moon’s reply,

Used to think this world was full of Angels,
Instead I learned this world contains only thieves,
Stealing truth, Stealing others sense of belonging,
Lost in confusion; need to find honest answers,

Dancing for Ones or for an entire Song,
Standing on the street corner in rain or shine,
Singing lullabies nightly, working multiple day shifts,
Single parent attending night school,

This world enjoys applying pain and misery,
Only picture I wanna’ die to is a single mother’s perseverance,
Make that money, I’ll never judge you,
Only thing I’ll ask is if you’ll observe the stars with me,


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